Department of Public Relations and Advertising


Department of Public Relations and Advertising in Izmir University of Economics offers a dynamic and thriving program for students who seek creative and global education. It combines theoretical knowledge and practical communication skills in order to cater to the needs of current communication environment. We believe it is highly important for our students to develop their intellectual capacities, skills, personal attributes and values required in communication areas. The Department prides itself on its integrated approach to “corporate communications” and “marketing communication”. We aim to support our students in becoming creative, analytical and enquiring graduates who can play a substantial role in the professional environment. By adopting an integrated perspective, our department focuses on all elements of corporate and marketing communications. Our collaborations with practitioners from public relations and advertising field provide our students with opportunities for direct interaction with future employers and make our courses relevant with current issues and recent topics. After students are equipped with fundamentals of the field and an interdisciplinary perspective, they engage in team work and design campaigns in studios as part of the program. Various activities within the Department give opportunities to students for networking and gaining experience in relevant fields before graduation. Outstanding events and activities are organized by student groups such as “Şapka Takımı” and “Advertising Club” in which they are encouraged to utilize their theoretical knowledge in professional practice.